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Africa must unite for prosperity

African Union Headquarters

By Shepherd Mukwazi


Africa: your name represents 54 nations, but the sadness of this is how separated these nations are. African countries are not separated by seas or oceans, only solid land demarcates most of its boundaries. However, division and hatred have resulted in persistent conflicts across the continent. In some instances, these conflicts have resulted in fights causing a lot of bloodsheds.

It seems wrong or incorrect to say Africa is one. Why wars and conflicts every time? Killing each other and destroying the economies of our beloved colourful Africa is unfortunate. The continent is being dismantled by its own people, some of who are highly educated and occupy top positions in national administration, but they cannot bring peace to Africa.

Fake socialists and pure capitalists are busy kindling conflicts everywhere to enhance resource stealing. Citizens of Africa are busy teaming up with foreign nations to invade and squander their own precious God-given resources such as gold, diamonds, ivory, and chrome, among others. These are being routinely smuggled out of Africa to further enrich the already wealthy nations. In all this economic destructive process, fellow Africans are supporting the looting. Why?

Africans need extra lessons in areas of resources management, love, peace, and oneness, for them to know that the name Africa means one people and a solid family. The spirit of separatism, tribalism, racism, and other roots of conflicts should be totally avoided. Africa is said to represent a big fraction of the Christian world, but these are the ones who are always fighting and cannot stay together even at the family level.

Let’s unite, love each other and stay together, so that daily dreams of African economic development gonna one day come with the rising of the sun. The current prevailing situation in Africa is an accumulative, greedy, and personal development culture.

This is because there is the adequacy of costly natural resources in Africa, but a few elites are benefiting from them. African ruling elites and the already moguls are accumulating on top of accumulation. Where others are crying foul about deteriorating lifestyles, these loaded guys are hoarding riches.

Sometimes the answer for economic development is known and understood by a lot of people in this African class, but they reject it. The economic growth answer is simple and clear to find. Let’s employ the economic history tracing and copying stamina here. What I am saying is, we have to find out how developing nations have done it (studying their economic history) and apply better policies in our countries.

For example, our region (the SADC region) has to learn something from our local emerging economy, South Africa has been experiencing sound economic development competing with other BRICS economies, while other African nations are continuing to collapse worse than before.

Africa is one and one people. Let’s do away with differences and discrimination among ourselves. If the whole of Africa is developed, no unexpected drifting of people from one country to the other across the borders will be seen. All this only needs a simple remedy of accepting advice and being united among ourselves.

Resources in Africa are not personal belongings that a person or a family may want to avoid or drive others from. Natural resources are meant to benefit the majority of people and it has to be done equitably and peacefully. Justice and peace have to exist in Africa if we are to attain tangible regional economic development.

Africa is one solid rocky continent.  Let all national leaders and the majority come together and share ideas when it comes to continental economic development. All social, political, and economic islands in Africa should be destroyed, for us to stand together strongly and achieve economic development and improve the lives of our people.




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Byron Adonis Mutingwende