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Bindura North MP pays tribute to constituents

Kenneth Shupikai Musanhi

By Byron Mutingwende


Honourable Kenneth Musanhi, the Member of the National Assembly for Bindura North Constituency has paid tribute to the President and the electorate for his emphatic victory in the just ended 2018 harmonised elections.


“I am humbled by the massive support that our revolutionary party ZANU (PF) got in the just ended elections. I am mostly indebted to the Mashonaland Central Province as a whole and to Bindura North Constituency in particular for reaffirming their confidence in the President, the party and myself. Let me clearly state that Mashonaland Central Province garnered the most votes for the President and reiterated the fact that it is a stronghold for the ruling party,” Hon Musanhi said.


Hon Musanhi is the Secretary for Gender and Culture in the ZANU (PF) Politburo. He used that role to reach out to the traditional leaders countrywide where he personally donated three goats to each of the Chiefs in line with our cultural norms and values.


“The benevolent gesture by Honourable Musanhi was a clear statement that ZANU (PF) respects the traditional leadership and the values that the leadership stands for. That move alone ensured that the chiefs would reach out to their subjects to encourage them to vote into office a party that upholds our culture and heritage,” said Chief Musana from Bindura.


Zimbabwe is a nation that embraced the idea of education for all upon its attainment of independence in 1980. Mashonaland Central as a province endowed with vast mineral resources and prime soils was largely occupied by the colonialists who deprived its people of the opportunity to pursue education so that they would use the people as labourers in the mines and farms.


In that realm, from 1980 up to 2000, there were a few primary schools in most parts of the province. Upon assuming the position of MP for Bindura North Constituency in 2013, Hon Musanhi took it upon himself to spearhead developmental projects that included the building of secondary schools so as to give the people of his constituency in particular and Mashonaland in general access to education.


He left indelible footprints of development when he built classroom blocks at Chipadze Primary, Kambira Primary, Kambira Secondary, Cowley Seconday, Chipadze Farm Secondary, Manga Primary, Mabwemachena Primary, Makuri Ranch Primary, Rosetta Rust Secondary, St Basil’s Secondary and Chipindura Primary schools, just to mention a few.


“When we consider what Hon Musanhi has done during the 8th Parliament in terms of education alone, we realise that there was no reason why he people would elect any other leader than giving the mandate of leading the constituency to him since he is a proponent of educational advancement,” said Maxwell Matsvororo from Bindura Primary School.


Apart from having a philanthropic heart, Hon Musanhi used his position in Parliament as Chairman of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Education, Sports and Culture to advance his vision of making education accessible for all. He was also a Member of the Standing Rules and Orders Committee of Parliament.


Upon re-election, Hon Musanhi promised to finish up developmental projects that he started in the constituency. These include water, sanitation and health (WASH) projects. In Bindura, Hon Musanhi installed water tanks in all the wards and is continuing to drill more boreholes especially in the resettlement areas.


Periodically, he hires medical doctors to offer free consultation and medication in all the clinics in his constituency. Recently, he bought a mobile clinic that will be launched soon.


Hon Musanhi has promised victory celebrations in the entire constituency. Speaking to Spiked Online Media, Cde Fredrick Nhaka, the MP’s Campaign Manager and Chief Projects Manager promised fireworks and merrymaking during the celebrations earmarked for Matepatepa Country Club.


“During the celebrations, we are opening our arms for everyone including members of the opposition parties since Hon Musanhi is a representative of everyone in the constituency regardless of colour, creed or political affiliation. The MP has pledged a beast for each of the more than 20 wards in the constituency. Before the elections, we promised the ward with the highest number of votes for ZANU (PF) some 15 goats to start small livestock projects. As we are speaking constituents are coming to collect some broiler chickens for projects,” Cde Nhaka said.


Hon Musanhi said he is doing all the development work, in line with ZANU (PF)’s manifesto and the “Zimbabwe is open for business” mantra that is being spearheaded by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

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