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Chief Risenga gets Council for Churches in Africa Ecumenical Honorary Award

Dr. R. Moyo (L) presides over awarding of honourary ecumenical awards in South Africa

The Council for Churches in Africa (CCA) held the Ecumenical Honorary Awards Ceremony where they honoured African luminaries including Chief Phineas Magezi Risenga of Venda in South Africa.

The honour was accorded to several leaders who contributed to the transformation of societies throughout Africa. The awards were presented by Archbishop dr. Rocky Moyo with vast experience locally, regionally and internationally.

In his acceptance speech, while receiving the award, Chief Resinga said he felt honoured to receive such an accolade, a sign that he is a leader with people at heart.

“I accept the honour and promise to continuously adhere to the principles of peace, unity and development amongst societies. I also recognise and appreciate the efforts by Arch-bishop Dr St. Phillip Pferedzai (in absentia) ofwho commits his time serving CCA Bishops Council.

“I further acknowledge the recognition of an award to me and dedicate it to the whole of South African traditional leadership since an honour to one is an honour to the whole of my constituency. We thank the Founder President, Arch-bishop Dr Professor Moyo for conferring Honorary Awards to Chiefs, Indigenous leaders and Bishops who are working tirelessly in transforming societies,” Chief Resinga said.

Dr Moyo who presided over the awards is a Professor and possesses vast experience in uniting churches the world over. His credentials are undoubtedly tried and tested to an extent that he received several awards, accolades and recognitions from renowned world leaders, governments in Africa and the corporate world.

Dr. Moyo is a successful businessman with vast experience and interests in Business Management, Policy formulation and implementation. His quest for transforming lives has seen him embarking on corporate social responsibility activities, rolling out small-scale projects for the disadvantaged and less privileged, and donating to children’s and elderly people’s homes in several countries throughout Africa.

He is always globetrotting in his tireless efforts to realise sustainable peace, unity and development amongst indigenous churches. He brought together several churches which have not been congregating together for quite a long period of time. His credentials in exceptionally presiding over church conflict resolution and management process are matched to none other than him

This Professor tirelessly advocates for the emancipation of the less privileged, disadvantaged members of society and the marginalised when he engages them and influences their inclusion into mainstream economic, social, legal, political and technological spheres.

He is married to a caring, prayerful, successful Prophetess and Businesswoman.

Some of the award recipients came from countries like South Africa, Swaziland, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Malawi among other Southern African countries.

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