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Citizens failed by rulers: Patriotic Zimbabweans

Leaders of Patriotic Zimbabweans addressing a press conference
An opposition party has come guns blazing accusing the main political leaders in the government of failing citizens.
Addressing a press conference on Wednesday, Patriotic Zimbabweans spokesperson Shelton Mupambwa blasted the governing party for poor governance.
“The failure of the government of the day is a failure of all members of its constituent members. Our government has failed because it has taken to politics to the level of mediocrity. We have one leader who knows what has to be done but is unwilling and another who does not know what has to be done and is unwilling to learn.
“And yet another is as dark as three nights,” Mupambwa said.
The opposition party also castigated the political violence rocking the country.
“As a party, we are condemning all forms of violence that we are currently witnessing in the political life of Zimbabwe. We deplore violence in all its various forms physical, emotional, financial, cyber, and sexual.
“Our history is full of political violence and we as a party ask for peace. We come in peace. We, therefore, call upon all political players to join hands in a peace pledge,” he added.
The politician took umbrage at the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party for not shouldering the blame on poor service delivery.
” The lack of sincerity and morality is apparent in local governance. Councils and municipalities are dens of vices and corruption. There is a lack of service delivery,” blasted Mupambwa.
The party is led by Charles Muchineripi Mutama.

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