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Council for Churches in Africa reaches out to Pan African Parliament

Members of the Council for Churches in Africa meeting with Chief Fortune Chharimbira

As a Christian organisation with a continental presence, the Council of Churches in Africa (CCA) in Africa has reached out to the Pan Africa Parliament with a view of forging synergies to entrench religious and cultural practices that promote harmony, peace, and unity.

Speaking to Spiked Online Media soon after meeting Hon Senator Chief Fortune Z. Charumbira, the President of the PAP, in Midrand yesterday, Archbishop Dr. Rocky Moyo, the Founder, and Head of CCA said in pursuit of leaving no one and no place behind in preaching the gospel of unity, the church leadership felt it incumbent to establish a working relationship with the continent’s apex law-making body.

“As an arm of the African Union, the Pan-African Parliament has a large continental representation derived from its 55 member states. The Members of Parliament are the lawmakers who are responsible for crafting laws that promote harmony in the world. As the Council of Churches in Africa, we are working on taking Christianity to all African countries.

“As a religion, Christianity promotes love, peace, and harmony. Working with the MPs from Africa as a whole will go a long way in addressing conflicts on the continent. The church teaches congregants to respect their leaders and their neighbours. That becomes a harbinger for peace and tranquility,” Archbishop Dr. Moyo said.

Chief Charumbira said there is a need to work on modalities for engaging the Church. He emphasised that the Pan-African Parliament embraces religious tolerance in its diversity.

“The doors of the Pan African Parliament are open to all progressive forces from different religious, political, and cultural persuasions. We have a Committee on Education, Culture, and Tourism tourism that tackles such issues with a view of attaining the Sustainable Development Goals,” Chief Charumbira said.

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