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EMA upscales vehicle emission monitoring to champion a clean environment

EMA's Rwambai Mapako adressing the media
By Elvis Dumba
Chinhoyi – Threats emanating from global warming are affecting weather patterns across the globe as they are being exacerbated by environmental polluters.
Modernisation and technology have also contributed to environmental damage through pollution with vehicles being among the most pollution drivers.
In its quest to ensure that vehicles on the country’s roads meet required emissions levels, the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) is carrying out spot-checks on vehicles for compliance with exhaust emissions.
In Mashonaland West, at least 1 500 motorists were fined in a blitz that started on 2 February 2023 along the province’s highways.
Environmental Management Agency’s Mashonaland West Provincial Manager, Rwambai Mapako, said emissions from vehicles have been contributing towards air pollution which has contributed to issues of global warming, and insisted that a holistic sustainable approach to the issue is needed.
Of the 1 300 vehicles inspected so far during the blitz, 96% were compliant with 47 tickets issued for non-compliance.
“The purpose of this exercise is to check for vehicular emissions and for those inspected, the compliance level was on a positive note at 96,4%; something which needs to be maintained,”  he said.
Mapako said vehicle emissions are known to be contributing about 22% of atmospheric pollution worldwide, causing premature deaths due to cardiovascular and respiratory diseases with at least seven million people dying annually.
“We have been testing vehicle exhaust emissions along strategic spots along highways around the province to see if they are compliant with the statutory requirements on vehicle emissions. So far, we are on a positive note and our expectation as EMA is that vehicle owners take action and contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions to the environment.”
He called upon the media to contribute towards sustainable environmental management as they are important partners that can assist in promoting community responsibility to help create the desired society.
“The media plays an important role in society and we need to create partnerships that the nation is informed on the environmental issues,” he said.
Owners of vehicles found to be non-compliant were fined whilst others with much higher levels of emissions were given orders to get their vehicles mechanically repaired.

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