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Empowering the girl-child: Chombo donates sanitary pads

Hon Marian Chombo

By Elvis Dumba

Mutorashanga – Young girls in the rural and farming community of Mutorashanga have hailed their local member of parliament for ensuring they have access to sanitary wear.

The girls received an assortment of sanitary wear from Deputy Minister of Local Government and Public Works Marian Chombo who is also the lawmaker for Zvimba North Constituency.

Hon Chombo donated reusable sanitary pads and other girls’ sanitary requirements during a ZANU PF Rambai Makashinga District Youth Sports Tournament held at Chihambe grounds near Mutorashanga.

The girls who said they were ending up using unhygienic methods during their menses, said the donation of reusable sanitary pads came at the right time as they were facing limited access to them in the area.

“We are so grateful for this donation. If you go around the shops here, you may not see the sanitary pads in stock as they say it does not make business sense since only a few people buy them. The girls here end up resorting to using cow dung or leaves,” 18-year-old Matinetsa Hove said.

“This donation will boost our confidence as we partake in our sporting activities. The lack of access to sanitary pads was affecting many of us,” Shorai Ngirande said.

During the tournament which was attended by thousands of young people, each participating team received netball, soccer balls, and uniforms.

Hon Chombo said most talented sport-men in the rural areas have been left out in sports talent developments. She said President Emmerson Mnangagwa is rallying everyone in ensuring that no place or person should be left out.

“Some of our youths, especially in remote areas, have been lagging behind in many areas including sport but our President Emmerson Mnangagwa is ensuring that no place or person is left behind and we need to continue supporting our President and government in developing our country peacefully,” she said.

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