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National Vendors Union of Zimbabwe (NAVUZ) seeks to decongest cities in 100 days


By Munyaradzi Dhure

The National Vendors Union Zimbabwe (NAVUZ) is partnering other stakeholders in the quest to decongest cities in 100 days starting with Harare.


Addressing stakeholders at Town Hose in harare on Friday 14 September 2018, NAVUZ Chairperson, Sten Zvorwadza said his organisation will start with a pilot project in Harare from tomorrow.


“The current economic situation in Zimbabwe created room for a thriving informal economy where most vendors operate their businesses unlawfully on the streets. Different approaches, including force have been implemented before in attempts to dismiss street vendors but unfortunately the outcome ended in chaos and confusion.

“Force has failed to achieve the desired results. it’s time to pursue other persuasive and participatory strategies and NAVUZ strategy proposes a 100 day period to start recording fruits of its initiative,” Zvorwadza said


The NAVUZ grassroots-based strategy of non-confrontational approach promises to free cities of informal trading from undesignated sites and uplift the standards of living of the informal traders. Decongesting the cities  will help authorities to manage and control health provision and guard against the occurrence and spread of contagious diseases  like cholera and typhoid.


“Informal traders will be registered streets by street beginning with Robert Mugabe. They will be given a membership card that operates as a debit card. Our partners include but are not limited to POSB, TelOnde, NetOne, National Building Society (NBS) and City of Harare. We are now expanding our partnership to include formal traders, super markets and chain stores as well as government ministries, local authorities and government departments” Zvorwadza said.


NAVUZ proposes to integrate its long term plans to help members with housing and mortgage support, projects and employment creation.

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