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PHD clean-up campaign a positive step in promoting tourism: Mupfumira


The timely intervention to clean up the City of Harare by the Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries led by Prophet Walter Magaya contributes to the cleanliness of the environment and promotes tourism, Priscah Mupfumira the Minister of Environment, Tourism and Hospitality Industry has said.

The responsibility for a clean, safe and healthy environment is for all of us. Today, we are witnessing PHD Ministries translating their faith into deeds. Stakeholder participation in environmental management is surely the cornerstone of   sustainability.

“Indeed, our Constitution on section 73 provides for environmental rights which every person should enjoy by living in a clean, safe and healthy environment.  Our participation in this clean-up exercise today, is a fulfilment of this constitutional provision. Furthermore, a clean environment   attracts to tourists and help enhance brand Zimbabwe,” Minister Mupfumira said.

Prophet Magaya invited members of PHD to come out in their large numbers during a televised church service to come into the Harare Central Business District (CBD) and embark on a clean up campaign.

Indeed, in respect of the call by the Man of God, thousands of people thronged the streets of Harare and left the country clean in a move welcomed by tourism stakeholders.

“We as the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority are happy by the gesture shown by Man of God Prophet Walter Magaya to rally his congregants to come and clean the city of Harare. Our ministry and the ZTA are working flat out to bring back Harare’s glory days as the world’s Sunshine City.

“We call upon all the corporates, churches, supermarkets and other waste generators to take a leaf from the PHD Ministries so that we can attract more tourists who will come to enjoy our vast natural tourism attractions and the hospitality of our people,” said Dr. Karikoga Kaseke, the ZTA Chief Executive.

Minister Mupfumira added it is the responsibility of every waste generator to ensure their waste is sustainably managed. She described the clean-up campaign held today as an important milestone in realising a clean, safe and healthy environment. She reiterated Dr Kaseke’s point.

“The effort by PHD Ministries today should be emulated by other stakeholders in promoting sustainable environmental management. May I therefore, urge every stakeholder in Zimbabwe to actively participate in programs aimed at restoring environmental sanity. As a Ministry, we are ever ready to support all such effort. I know there are so many corporates, churches that have also undertaken similar endeavors in the past. Such effort will forever remain cherished as it averts a possible health hazard which can easily befall on us as a nation. The recent cholera outbreak where precious lives were lost is nothing but an indicator inaction by all of us to sustainably manage our waste.

“May I at this juncture once again express my gratitude to PHD Ministries for such a commendable work they have done. I hear that you undertake clean-up programmes of this magnitude twice a year. That is highly commendable and I say, keep it up. My plea is, all churches should join us in this endeavor to keep our Zimbabwe clean. We now need to put in place sustainability measures to maintain the cleanliness we have established today,” she added

The Ministry is ready to ensure that polluters of the environment through littering and dumping are prosecuted while promoting sustainable waste management practices.

Achieving sustainable waste management requires attitude change. The Ministry encourages the adoption of sustainable waste management practises without exception. The minister said waste separation at source should be the norm and the new way of doing business by all waste generators.

Minister Mupfumira reminded all waste generators that, waste bins must be available and emptied at designated places. Failure to do so, the Ministry, will be left with no option except to unleash the full wrath of the law to all violators of the law.


“It also time that the nations should start reducing the amount of plastic that we use in our daily activities as  a phase out of plastic is  coming. Globally, there is a strong position on the complete ban of single use plastic products.”

She congratulated Prophet Magaya and the PHD Ministries on their 5th anniversary in existence as a Ministry.

“As Government, we cherish the contribution you have made to the betterment of our citizens through spiritual growth and business opportunities.

“Lastly let me thank everyone for sparing time to be part of the massive clean-up we have undertaken today. I strongly believe the Lord Almighty will bless the works of your hands. Ladies and gentlemen we should not tire in doing what is right for our country. Together we will make a difference.”

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Byron Adonis Mutingwende