Safeguard urges safe storage and transportation of cash


With robberies on the increase and cash a major target, a local security company has called on members of the public to avoid keeping large amounts of cash at home or the office and certainly to avoid moving cash themselves.


Safeguard Security Head of Cash in Transit Services Josephat Zvarova urged those with significant amounts of cash to make use of secure cash-in-transit services to transport cash when they needed to bank it or, in the case of companies, transport it to one of their branches, rather than carry cash on their person, in a bag or in their car.


“The risk of keeping cash at home or at the office is becoming higher and higher. There have been a number of recent incidents of safes being blown open by robbers and of people being robbed of their cash or valuables. Cash is the main target for intruders,” he said.


“Individuals carrying cash are vulnerable. They could lose their lives because of the cash they have on them. It is an unnecessary risk. The cost of hiring our professional security personnel to move your cash is really very affordable. In fact if you add up your time and mileage, you will find that it is less expensive to move it with our team,” he said.


Transporting cash and other valuables securely is one of the security services Safeguard provides.


The company has armoured cash-in-transit vehicles that are secure and satellite tracked. Its cash‑in‑transit guards are armed. There are closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras mounted discreetly inside and outside the vehicle to provide Safeguard’s control centre with live footage of what is happening in real time via a mobile internet connection.


Cash that is transported is properly documented, secured, sealed, and insured. Collections and deliveries can be arranged on a regular or once-off basis throughout the country.


Companies that pay wages in cash can arrange for Safeguard to package the wages, store them securely overnight, deliver them to the pay point the next day and maintain security during the handing over of the wages to staff members.


“I would urge everyone, whether an individual or a company, to realise the huge risk there is in keeping large amounts of cash at home or at the office, even if you have a safe, and in carrying it on their person or in their vehicle.” Mr Zvarova said.

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Byron Adonis Mutingwende