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Stabilise prices as a matter of urgency: TBCZ urges government

Tich Hwingwiri

BY Miriam Zvomuya

The Tourism Business Council of Zimbabwe (TBCZ) has urged the government to stabilise prices so that business in travel and tourism remain functional. This emerged at a media briefing in Harare.

Tich Hwingiwiri, thePresident of TBCZ described the past two months as a turbulent time for the economy.

”We have been affected by higher inputs costs, especially of goods required to sustain operations and also by shortages of essential products for the travel and tourism sector to remain viable.

“We have come through the situation to date and look forward to stabilisation, a return to availability of products and services on demand and to a situation which we can focus from crisis management to creating and gearing up for growth,” said Mr Hwingiwiri.

TBCZ supports Government efforts to make Zimbabwe a middle –income economy by 2030. ”We look forward to play a role in creating a travel and tourism sector that grows exponentially in the coming decade and which becomes responsible for as much as 50 percent of national GDP by mid-century.”

Mr Hwingiwiri also highlighted ways in which domestic travel can be encouraged so that all Zimbabweans not only benefit from a successful tourism sector but also from having the ability to travel in their own homeland.

‘If goods and services that are essential for travel and tourism sector are available at best possible prices this will encourage domestic tourism, since domestic tourism depends on the spending capacity of the domestic market.

TBCZ rebranded its name from Zimbabwe Council of Tourism in a bid to reinforce understanding of the role of the council as the voice of the businesses of the travel and tourism sector in this country.

The president of TBCZ urged the public sector and all Zimbabweans to support Brand Zimbabwe through a positive and sustained series of measures and support initiatives that will ultimately create Africa’s greatest tourism success story.

‘We expect our travel and tourism sector to be both busy and successful in the coming school holiday and festive season,” added Mr. Hwingwiri.

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