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The US warms up to ZANU (PF): Christopher Mutsvangwa

Ambassador Mutsvangwa addressing a ZANU PF meeting in Mashonaland West
By Elvis Dumba
Chinhoyi – President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration’s engagement and re-engagement drive is bearing fruit as formerly hostile western countries, including the United States, warm up to good relations with Zimbabwe.
This was revealed by ZANU PF Politburo member and Party Spokesperson Ambassador, Christopher Mutsvangwa.
Ambassador Mutsvangwa said a top diplomat of the United States of America Embassy in Zimbabwe has approached the party to show its commitment to working with them.
Ambassador Mutsvangwa said for the past 22 years, the American government was financing the opposition to unseat the government after the country’s land reform program.
“A top American diplomat approached us three days ago for the first time ever at the party’s headquarters and revealed that they have decided not to align and support a single party in  Zimbabwe as we approach elections. They said they want to work with ZANU (PF) as they now recognize all political parties as equal,” he said.
Ambassador Mutsvangwa said the opposition leader and his party should not brag that they own the support of the Americans as the latter has decided to work with ZANU PF.
“Chamisa and the opposition should not brag that they have a superpower on their side. Just in case the opposition is not aware, I have just revealed it now that President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s engagement and re-engagement initiative has forced the Americans to want to be friends with us. Remember, the President always says we are friends to all and enemies to none,” he said.
Addressing party leadership during the Mashonaland West ZANU PF Provincial Coordinating Committee meeting in Chinhoyi, Ambassador Mutsvangwa said the American Embassy representative said they will respect the outcome of the forthcoming elections that he promised to be free and fair.
“The US official said his government will respect whoever wins and we told them that they need to accept and advise the opposition to respect and accept whoever wins or loses,” he said.
Ambassador Mutsvangwa said the Americans who had wished for regime change in the country through supporting the opposition have witnessed how the new dispensation is faring in all economic activities that have made them engage ZANU (PF) and work with the government.
By the time of going to print, no comments were available from the Citizens Coalition for Change and the US Embassy in Zimbabwe.

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