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Tighten security at cemeteries, council urged

Nard Chisanyu

By Kunashe Mukande

Friday Chisanyu, the Chairman of the Traditional Medical Practitioners Council and founder president of the Zimbabwe National Practitioners Association (ZINPA) has bemoaned the scarcity of security among Zimbabwe’s cemeteries claiming the responsible authorities should curb this social mishap.

While responding to questions posed during an interview following an incident where a deceased minor’s body was illegally exhumed from the grave and discovered three days after the incident, Chisanyu warned against such activities and called for a cleansing or organised ritual ceremony.

“Such a bizarre incident within societies is either associated with witchcraft. This should be reported to the traditional leaders who through the medium spirits can look in to the matter before reburial is done.

“It might also be some rituals performed by business people who connived with the security officers at the cemetery to have access to remove the body from the tomb and remove some of the parts from the body which they mix with some juju to expand their business empires. As a council that deals with traditional issues we advise people not to take such things for granted but to consult traditional medical practitioners who can assist them to handle such matters unlike other religious leaders who are just after money instead of giving an everlasting solution to the problem,” warned Chisanyu.

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