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Twalumba National Travel and Tourism Awards reach fever pitch: ZTA


Preparations for this year’s edition of the Twalumba National Travel and Tourism Awards are on course, amid massive support from the industry.

The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority announced Monday that all was set for the awards scheduled for 24 February 2023.

“The issue is that the Twalumba National Tourism and Travel Awards will be on the 24 of February in Harare.
We are ready to host these awards in collaboration with the industry, the TBCZ, in particular, they are leading that,” ZTA Head Corporate Affairs Godfrey Chief Koti said.

“Preparations are already underway. We are now hitting pitch fever getting to those awards. But, most importantly as ZTA, we would like to thank the industry for supporting these awards, but more so, to just take a moment to recognize them for the work that they have put into this sector.

“Particularly, the issue of recovery from the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. It was such a tough time for them, but most of them have come out and have done really well in terms of service excellence – the hosting of people,” Koti said.

H said there was an influx of domestic tourism during the festive season describing it as a welcome development.

“But, what we would like to say to the industry is that this is their day, and we would like just to appreciate them for the work they have done.

“And, we could not have done this without the support and leadership of the Tourism and Business Council, so we would like to take this opportunity just to thank them for the effort they have made to transform the sector,” Koti said.

At inception, there were several fragmented industry awards with ZTA holding its National Tourism and Travel Awards while the TBCZ organized its own awards ceremony.

All the awards had one noble cause to honour hence the need to bring together the awards from different subsectors, to have one big award show to recognize everyone and every subsector.

Since then, Twalumba National Travel and Tourism Awards have become a hallmark of the industry.

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Byron Adonis Mutingwende