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Zimbabwe working round the clock to mitigate global climate change


Miriam Zvomuya and Tendai Guvamombe

The Zimbabwean government has thrown its weight behind the global target in adaptation and mitigation of global warming ahead of World Summit on Climate Change to be held in Poland next month.

Washington Zhakata, the Director of Climate Change Management Department in the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Water, Climate and Rural Settlement at the Pre-cop 24 stakeholders Workshop in Harare yesterday, revealed this.

“In 2015 government made an agreement in Paris to purse effects to limit temperature. Zimbabwe is also already facing climate change since we are experiencing more hot than cold days,” said Mr Zhakata.

The African continent has warmed by 0-5 degrees Celsius, and it will persist for ages. If warming continues adaptations to agriculture may fail as climate change affects the diversity of crops and livestock production. Pests and diseases will affect crops.

Zimbabwe should limit the emissions to reduce temperature challenges. Mr Zhakata said there is need to move out of fossil fuels to renewable resources such as solar or natural gas.

“There is need for Zimbabwe to grow green by 2030. So far the Climate Smart Agriculture seeks to mitigate and adapt to climate change in farming activities. Zimbabwe needs to address the new Agro Ecological Zones which has been caused by climate change.”

The World Summit meeting will deal with sustainable development, emission reduction targets and to provide adequate funding to mitigate Climate change in developing countries.

“There is no country which has developed without using fossil fuels. Hydro power is very much more prone to climate change. Adaptations have limitations so we have to mitigate,” added Mr Zhakata.

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Byron Adonis Mutingwende