Zimbabwean Ninja Wilfred Mashaya shines in South Africa

Zimbabwean Ninja Wilfred Mashaya (in black)

By Lloyd Rabaya

The first Zimbabwean Ninja Wilfred Mashaya shined in South Africa over the weekend where he was invited to conduct a martial arts seminar by the country’s top karate master Kyoshi Michael Cindi Mailula.

Shihan Mashaya is a holder of four black belts in Kyokushin karate, Bujinkan Ninjutsu, Kobudo (weapons), and self-defence, hence the invite by Kyoshi Mailula to share his expertise in the neighbouring country.

Various martial artists from different provinces converged in Springs, Gauteng Province to drink from the continental river of martial arts, Shihan Mashaya.

The seminar was hosted by the Pan African Shotokan Karate-do Federation under Kyoshi Mailula.

Speaking after the seminar, Kyoshi Mailula spoke highly of the Zimbabwean Ninja and appreciated the great talent he possesses.

“He gave all the members of the federation a good session and other instructors from other provinces. The seminar was very beautiful. Shihan (Mashaya) has got good talent, and skill in the weapon. We were impressed by the way he conducted the seminar,” he said.

Mailula also said, early next year, they are going to conduct more seminars across South Africa to feed the nation’s martial artists from Mashaya’s vast knowledge of the game as well as advance the sport across Southern Africa and the whole continent.

Mashaya was humbled by the invite as he also emphasized that the opportunity was for the soaring of Zimbabwe’s sports to dizzy heights.

The Zim Ninja also reiterated the need for the public and corporate world to support the sport so that the Zimbabwean flag flies higher.

“To me, it is a humbling experience having people outside Zimbabwe appreciating my talent and expertise, and believing that my skills can help them in one way or the other.

To Zimbabwe, it raises our flag high as it shows we also have the skills which can attract the eye of the international community. What we just need is support to continue putting our country on the map,” he emphasized.

At the seminar, present were all age groups from kids to adults.

As a token of appreciation, Mashaya was honoured with a Certificate of Appreciation, a South African flag and scarf, and a medal.

To walk the “catch them young” talk, Mashaya owns the ZimNinja academy which is a platform for grooming and training martial arts for people of various age groups.

Mashaya has received various pieces of training and gongs from around the world.

The Ninja is expected back in the country this Wednesday (today).

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