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Zimnat assists GMB explosion victims


Representatives of the Zimnat Group last week visited survivors of the explosion at the Grain Marketing Board’s Lion’s Den depot and relatives of those who lost their lives in the explosion. They donated, on Zimnat’s behalf, $500 to each family.

At least four GMB employees lost their lives in the explosion, while three were seriously injured.

The total amount donated by Zimnat to the affected families was $3 000. The group also gave them Zimnat branded T-shirts.

Zimnat national sales manager Nunurai Mataringe, who led the delegation that visited the bereaved families and survivors, said the GMB is a client of Zimnat’s General Insurance Division, which provides short‑term insurance.

“Although Zimnat only provides the GMB with short-term insurance, the Group as a whole felt moved to do something to assist those affected by the blast,” he said

“This was a tragic event affecting one of our clients and its employees. We wanted to do something to assist the bereaved and injured, even though they were not covered by our life or funeral policies.

“This sad event does, of course, bring home the importance of having life and funeral insurance. Our insurance policies are intended to make life better for those covered by them. However, our wish to make life better is not limited to the insurance, asset management and micro-finance services we provide.

“That is why we felt inspired to visit and make donations to those affected by the GMB blast. It was so unexpected and so devastating that it is difficult to imagine its effect on those so suddenly bereaved and injured. Our hearts go out to them,” he said.

“While nothing can take away the pain of the loss they experienced, we hope that our donation will assist them, if only in a small way, in coping with the financial burdens they are faced with as a result of this blast.”

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