Zimnat invites innovative ideas for new generation products


Zimnat, one of the country’s leading insurance and financial services companies, is running an innovation accelerator programme and challenging developers, local hubs and universities with an open call for innovative ideas that will enable it to develop products suited to the 21st Century and beyond.

It is doing this by means of a competition for innovative solutions to challenges in specific areas of its business.

Those who propose the 10 best solutions will be invited to work with Zimnat, with the possibility of joining the group’s business value chain.

“Here at Zimnat we have been ahead of the curve in our industry for the past 71 years. We want to continue to build businesses that will last for the next century,” said Zimnat Group CEO Mustafa Sachak, adding that this required investing in ideas.

There are six areas in which Zimnat is seeking ideas. The first is usage based insurance and insurance products for women. The second is unit trust investments for individuals that makes investing online easy. The third is a customer retention programme.

The fourth area is digital or online products geared for the Millennial and Generation Z generations that are lifestyle relevant. Generation Z is the next generation after the millennial generation, defined as people born from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s. These are basically the young and upcoming consumers

Another area is agent workforce productivity management, skilling, tooling, performance management and staff retention.

The last category is “any other solutions that play in the insurance and technology space”.

Anyone with ideas that fit into these areas or that are disruptive can submit an application for their ideas to be considered. They will present their ideas on an online video. The link to the video has to be attached to the application form.

Within four weeks of the application, those who have submitted their ideas will receive feedback. Those whose ideas are considered to be in the top 25 solutions will be interviewed. Following these interviews the best 10 solutions will be selected.

The application form can be accessed online along with more details on the innovation accelerator on Entries close on November 23.

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Byron Adonis Mutingwende